My First Guest Post! 

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Hello readers! I’m so excited to let you know about my very first guest post that went live this morning! 

My good blogging friend, Barbie Swihart has invited me to her lovely space! She is an amazing woman that I have had the privilege to get to know here online and in person! I invite you to come on over to read my post, but please be sure to stay on her site and check out the wonderful content she has to offer! You will be blessed! 

Here is a small excerpt from my post today:

“I don’t know if God will ever use me in the big ways that I think sound amazing, and I don’t know if He will do the same for you. However, what I do know is that there is beauty in the humble offerings we pour out when no one is watching.  There is a purity of heart that comes from being faithful in the small places He has called us.

And if all I ever do is cheer from the sidelines that is enough. Because if it was enough for Jesus to become the least of these, than so can I.”

If you are in the middle of a season where you are struggling with smallness, if you often feel like what you are doing doesn’t matter, then I know today’s post will bless you! Come on over to read the rest here, and be sure to leave a comment so I know you stopped by! 

Have a lovely day! 

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